Stone Mosaic Tables

Stone Mosaic Tables & Wall Panels

Natural stone is a premier material for outdoor furniture and mosaic wall panels. Of the earth, it is designed to be long-lasting and weather the rain, wind and sun. As well, as a raw product it has an inherent beauty which is only enhanced by the craft used to give it form and shape.

Our natural stone tables and products are very well-made and created with longevity in mind. Marble mosaic tables and wall panels are constructed of tiles which are firmly glued to an aluminium frame. The makers ensure there are no gaps so no water gets inside; the frame is protected by the stone itself. This careful workmanship and lack of gaps and cracks also makes the tables easy to clean.

We have a range of natural stone and marble mosaic tables and wall panels available for outdoor areas, to suit every design taste: from intricately patterned to simple and minimalist. Solid and majestic, these products are sure to impress and will appeal strongly to the discerning customer. They will add an air of classic elegance to any garden or product display.

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