GRC Tables

Wholesale Grc Outdoor Garden Furniture Supplier

GRC stands for Glass Reinforced Concrete. It's commonly used in exterior building facade panels and architectural precast concrete, and is a revolutionary material for outdoor furniture. Read on to find out why our GRC concrete tables are so special!

Most concrete is reinforced with steel, which makes it exceedingly strong but also extremely heavy. GRC is reinforced with fibreglass strands. This gives it the same stone finish as other concrete products, but it's both lighter and cheaper.

GRC concrete tables have the same attractive durability as their stone counterparts, but for only a portion of the price. We have a range of styles available from plain to more styled, all-concrete or with a wrought iron base. Strong and enduring, they'll wear well in any display, and customers are sure to admire this practical and attractive outdoor furniture option.

To find out more about GRC tables or make a wholesale order, contact us at our Clayton South Warehouse on 03 9548 7566 and our expert staff will be happy to have a chat.