1.66M 4 Season statue+ Bases AB

This Set of 4 Cast Iron Statues are made in a rural style, featuring incredible detail and sturdy, ornate pedestals. They depict the four seasons, each with its own unique characteristics. Place them together as a group or in different corners of the garden for visitors to discover as they walk.

Available as a special order in colour of choice.

Dimensions: Statues: 31*26*100 cm H *78 kg pedestal: 52*52*66 cm H *70 kg Total: 166 cm H*148kg

Cast iron care

Penetrol in liquid form should be applied liberally with a paint brush to the whole fountain so as to protect it against rust before putting into use. This process should be repeated whenever rust start to appear or every 6 months (This is not applicable to rust colour).

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Length 52 cm
Width 52 cm
Height 166 cm
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